Visual Guide - Dég Festetics Mansion

Visual Guide

Visitors to the exhibition at Dég Festetics Mansion can use the visual guide application, which is available in three different languages, by renting a tablet on site or downloading the application to their own smartphone (Android and iOS platforms). Besides the history of the building, the exhibition guide will also present the famous people and works of art that can be connected to the mansion. In addition to the information on the panels, visitors can also access additional images and textual content via the application, but the programme can also be used as an audio guide.

The exhibition guide includes several thematic itineraries to choose from: a short tour that introduces visitors the most fundamental information, and several thematic tours to get acquainted with the mansion’s architectural curiosities and the world of artefacts, and we can get familiar with family stories, contemporary social life and customs. Families with children are offered a special thematic guide.

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